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Achebe s things fall apart and the african oral tradition essays abebooks. English essay war on terrorism images good roads. The extract from the novel things fall apart by chinua achebe in chapter twenty two. He was a strong man. All the people of Umuofia respected and loved him because of his great achievements.

He was a very strong wres tler. When he was 18, he beat amalinze cat who had not been beaten by anyone since seven years.

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As a young man of eighteen he had brought honor to. Since he won the wrestling match his fame grew up rapidly,. This was just the start of his fame, later on he did great hard work and rose to a high level,. His fame rested on solid personal achievements. Okonkwo was also very hospitable. He offered koala nut to the ones who visited his house.

His hospitability was also evident when he sheltered Ikemefuna and treated him like a father and cherished him with great love. As the narrator said that,. Okonkwo was also a great warrior. He was never afraid from fighting, unlike his father who shuddered at the s ight of blood. He had taken part in the great wars fought by Umuofia and. At a very young age he had brought five heads from the battlefield. His interest in the wars showed that.

The second characteristic of a tragic hero is that he must be aristocratic. We found that at the start Okonkwo was a common man. He started his career from a scratch because his father, Unoka, was a failure and a lazy man.

Unoka was a poor man so Okonkwo. There was no barn to inherit. To start his career he went to Nwakibie, a wealthy man in his a rea, and asked him to l end him yam seeds.

Okonkwo As A Tragic Hero

Nwakibie behaved generously towards Okonkwo because he knew that Okonkwo was a hard working man so he would not waste the yam seeds. So he gave Okonkwo yam seeds instead of yam seeds. Okonkwo sow some of his seeds but fate behaved in a hostile way towards him and his yam. Gradually he succeeded in his efforts and became an affluent man with a high social status. He had three wives and eight children. Thus we found that Okonkwo was not aristocratic from the very start of his life however he became aristocratic in the later period of his life. Okonkwo was also consistent because he never changed his opinions.

When Okonkwo was told about the pronouncement of the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves he made up his mind that he would sacrifice Ikemefuna. He remained consistent in his opinion despite of the fact that Okonkwo greatly loved Ikemefuna.

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Okonkwo also had a few bad qualities. He was hostile towards less successful. He was impatient with less. He was also a proud man as the narrator said,. When he walked his heels.