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Without Irving, the Cavaliers struggled for long stretches last season, even as James assembled one of the finest seasons of his career. He averaged He also played in all 82 regular-season games for the first time in his career.

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But the Cavaliers experimented with different lineups, overhauling their roster more than once, and the point guard position was a grease fire at times. Thomas was hindered by a bad hip and was eventually traded to the Lakers. The Cavaliers traded for George Hill ahead of the playoffs, but he, too, was slowed by injuries.

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The result was a hodgepodge season that James said was one of the most challenging of his career. That James still managed to drag the Cavaliers into the finals — again — was nothing short of heroic, even if it ended in a sweep by the Warriors in a series that felt anticlimactic.

His departure this time, too, was less dramatic, cushioned by the memory of the title. After midnight, Gilbert issued a statement paying tribute to James, taking a much different tone than he did in the infamous letter that blasted a year-old James for leaving in We look forward to the retirement of the famous 23 Cavs jersey one day down the line. It is of course reductive to place our stars into neat narratives that both reflect and explain their eras: Magic as champion of 80s excess before contracting HIV and becoming an activist-cum-entrepreneur. Or Jordan as hyper-competitive sociopath who transcended flesh to become brand.

The issue of power vs.

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And though the oppression differs in scale, it is the same in kind: namely, a bunch of old, rich, white men dictating the rights and compensation of everyone else, by way of some indifferent, crushing bureaucratic machine. To bring it back to the hardcourt, this is also the same issue at work when Jeremy Lin is upset about the Rockets using his jersey number to recruit Carmelo Anthony. With the aid of analytics, Morey and his disciples aim to turn the NBA into something closer to fantasy sports, with asset collection as the chief ideal.

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As much as I respect advanced stats as a new way to better understand the game, taken to its logical extreme as a management creed, human beings are reduced to data points. This is always true for the players to a certain degree, but the naked ambition is startling. Though the jersey number issue may seem small, for players the abstractions of the Trade Machine have real world consequences. This, at a time when consensus says that league-wide talent is near an all-time high. All of which is to say, if not LeBron then who?

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In response to the CBA that Gilbert pushed for, LeBron will fight with the only things he has: short contract lengths to maximize his value and keep Gilbert honest. This is not to imply that LeBron aspires to be some sleeper cell, infiltrating the enemy and wrecking them from inside. No doubt basketball comes first, and the decision to return to Cleveland was driven by all the reasons he stated. For the vast majority of fans this may seem irrelevant, or worse, threatening to the divide between escapism and the real world.

But for LeBron James, this is the real world. When LeBron imagines winning a title for Cleveland, when he pictures the fan delirium and the confetti raining down, after the final horn sounds and all his hard work has crystallized into something real, he also knows just who gets to hold the trophy first. Sign in. Get started.

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LeBron James: Labor Leader. How the King became a man of the people. Kevin Ylauan Follow.

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The Cauldron Athlete-direct content and a whole lot more. The event was part of the presidential campaign for Barack Obama. The rise of LeBron James — James performs his famous pregame ritual -- throwing crushed chalk into the air -- before a Heat preseason game against the San Antonio Spurs in October They have two children. The rise of LeBron James — James adjusts a protective mask he wore in March to protect a broken nose.

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The Spurs won the series and prevented the Heat from winning three straight titles. Later that month, he became a free agent. Personal: Birth date: December 30, Mother: Gloria James. Marriage: Savannah Brinson James September present. Other Facts: James also played football in high school. Runs a non-profit organization called The Lebron James Family Foundation, which helps children in his hometown area.

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Co-founder of production company SpringHill Entertainment. Is the youngest player in NBA history to reach 30, career points. Has played for the US national team in the , , and Olympics.

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