Rotman supplementary essay

Are the video questions about EC's, one personal's self, past experiences,etc?

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I know I'm just grade 11, but time flies quickly so I need to be best prepared as possible. Only Founder of Debate Club pops up to me, all the rest of your EC's are very generic and literally anyone can do them. Get more leadership EC's. In terms of your marks, as every year passes by there is more and more competition getting in unis. You should be pretty safe with low to mid 90's in all of your grade 12 courses. Well Uni's wont make their final decision on your 11th grade marks. In order to get into the best b-schools such as Ivey and Queens you need at minimum high 80's with stellar Extra Curriculars.

Like I should be able to read your EC's and my eyes should pop out. That is when you have a really really good chance of getting in the schools that are worth going to. Because remember, the race doesn't start in university, the race pretty much starts in high school. How about co-op?

I worked at a real estate law firm, for grade 11 co op.

Would that count as a EC or benefit me in any way, shape or form? Not even going to think about Queens Commerce or Ivey. If you were paid for that co op position then it doesn't count as an EC. It still may be a good experience but then its more of a job etc. A job and an EC are one and the same. Just because you get paid to do something does not mean you aren't learning the something you would if you were doing it for free.

CO-OP is a tough spot though because you didn't work to get that position, your school found it for you. Write Co-op multiple times in the essay if necessary, just do no not let them think that CO-OP is really a club or "real" job. CuriousBridge wrote First off, the questions for any supplementary applications can not be discussed here. Taking initiative isn't a bad thing.

I completely agree because also the u of t questions are not very private, for the video they are three very easy questions to choose from. Well if you get a question that you actually will do for your suplementary application you will be "over prepared" for them.

Rotman Commerce Supplementary Essay

Which means that the responses won't be as authentic or natural. Also if you get the question before you are suppose to it pretty much defeats the purpose of what uni's want you to do in your supp app. Again, do whatever you want but be aware that for supp apps like for Rotman Commerce you are defeating the entire purpose for the video essay. In regards to U of T the video essay is spontaneous. You have 1 hour to receive and respond to that video component.

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You may be correct on some supp applications like the AIF for Waterloo but do not over generalize. If you over generalize you are just fooling yourself. Personally I found that it was enough time though! I didn't feel as if I had to rush it.

Rotman Commerce Supplementary Essay

Don't worry so much over the questions, you don't need to over prepare for them. And they're pretty generic questions that most universities ask for anyway, stuff related to yourself, ECs etc… But this may not be the case next year. Hi guys, I was wondering if what you wear in the video essay was important.

Rotman commerce supplementary essay

My friends who have all applied to Rotman all wore business suits or blazers.. Will it affect my chance of getting it?? Then from there on what do i do? As well as how long do i get to submit the written essay and video essay? Like do i get to see the questions before hand and do them whenever i want taking in consideration the deadline? Also do i have to do the video and written essay the same day?

Quantitative proficiency: Evidence of a high level of proficiency a GPA of at least 3.

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Knowledge of VBA is strongly preferred. Contact us if you have further questions after reviewing the detailed prerequisite courses information. English language proficiency: Applicants must demonstrate the ability to communicate in English in one of the following ways: a An undergraduate or graduate degree from a university at which the language of instruction and examination was English b Satisfactory performance on a standardized English Language Test. IELTS may be considered in special circumstances and a minimum score of 7.

If you have studied at an English-language university outside of Canada, official confirmation of English as the language of instruction and examination from your university will be required.