Ocr 21st century science biology coursework

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Please refresh the page and retry. My hand was so numb after the aqaenglish literature exam I felt like candy. Hoping that the grade boundaries are as low as the chance of Formby being protected by re-used Christmas trees OCRGeography. Hoping the grade boundaries for English literature are as low as the chances of George and Lennie achieving the American dream aqaenglish. The first half of C2 vs the second half edexcelmaths pic.

Accurate representation of question 9 edexcelmaths pic. Raise your hand if you've ever been victimised by Edexcel edexcelmaths pic.

The most maths i did on the last question was counting how many marks i lost ocrmaths. When the biology exam is about teenagers and rats getting drunk but you revised actual biology instead aqabiology pic. Who was drunker: the rats, the underage teenagers, or the people who actually made that exam?? Think the percentage of the amount of alcohol 15 year olds drink will be a lot higher after that exam aqabiology.

Core one or core none because that's how many marks I got aqamaths. I'm jumping into that sheep pen hoping to get trampled edexcelmaths. Sheep enclosures should not require that much algebra. Just make it a square please edexcelmaths core2maths. Becoming a sheep farmer with your results but then realising you can't work out the area of their pen edexcelmaths c2. Enjoyed C1 that much, I'm going to do it again next year!! Walking out of the aqamaths C2 exam like pic.

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We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Education. Here is a list of the funniest tweets so far this exam season. If you remember, Candy had no right hand, just a stump.

OCR Geography thought students were so silly they could be tricked into thinking Christmas trees solve erosion. But this luckily provided opportunity for jokes on Twitter. Hoping that the grade boundaries are as low as the chance of Formby being protected by re-used Christmas trees OCRGeography — Rafe rafealston May 24, One student at least was fooled by this question. Hoping the grade boundaries for English literature are as low as the chances of George and Lennie achieving the American dream aqaenglish — bethbinks bethbinks May 23, And students worried about what their parents would think of their results.

Core and additional are completely separate exams, so you can take them with whatever board you want. Yeah, I understand that. I have a question on either sciences. Could you for example do papers B1 and B2 as higher level and B3 as a foundation paper? Same for Chemistry and Physics. If this possible what is the maximum level you can attain. Presume with foundation papers B1 — B3 max would be C grade. Unlikely to get more than a B overall if you take a foundation paper.

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  • Possible, but unlikely. I should add.

    The teacher is saying that if he does B1 and B2 as higher and B3 as foundation then he is in line for grade A or B. Controlled assessment he is repeating as he had 38 out of 50 which they say is borderline A — B. I just want to make sure we are not being told something where the wrong decision is made. For B1 he gets 45, for B2 he gets 45, and B3 foundation he gets These are all raw marks.

    For controlled assessment he gets So i work this out as grade A for B1, B2 and controlled assessment. For B3 it would be grade C as this is the highest.

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    How do you work out overall raw and grade? Also there is no Additional Mathematics on offering on the form.


    Students left 'fuming' over GCSE biology exam that contained questions about drunk year-olds

    About the Triple science Vs additional science option, please advise the difference. Phy, Bio, Chem, would they be offered in school at the same time each week? If the timetable permits, you could ask the school to enter you for extra exams, though you might have to pay. Because of the new flexibility that I describe on that page, the school can organise science in different ways. There are only three exams for triple science.

    They can be taken together in year 11, or split between yr 10 and Biology in year 10 and the others in yr Or, the school could go down the route of Core science in yr10 and additional plus further addition in year I have been put forward to do additional science biology and chemisty in the foundation tier and physics in the higher tier.

    My ISA grade was a C. What can be the highest grade I can achieve? Your exams officer is the best person to ask these kinds of questions — they know your exact personal data. Of course, your teacher will know as well! Hi — yes, this sounds like a good idea — as long as the student is ready. Each science is completely separate — you can take each one as many times as you want. If she enjoys Biology, then go for it. Difficult — ask your exams officer; they will know what options you have.

    Focus on getting a top grade in Additional science. He will resit the papers this summer and I want to confirm that if he does not do as well in the resit can he still keep the grades from last year or will he be stuck with a possible new lower grade? However I am getting conflicting information from many different sources. Thanks in advance! Hi — In theory you can do it more than once different ones of course! Good luck.

    Again, a poor C — but a provisional grade only. So looks as though the pressure is on for him to out-perform his target to achieve an overall A which is necessary to continue to A level at his school. He wants a career in biology. They should allow students to go on to A-level with a B grade — most do. You might have to do some negotiating. A-level sciences are a challenge, but with the right attitude and support, he should be OK.

    I hope this helps — let me know if I can help with getting him an A grade.

    Ocr 21st century science biology coursework

    Thanks for your reply. He seems to be doing fine at the mo, but I may be in contact if that changes. Thanks for your help. I am in year 11 now and I was quite disappointed in my overall grade I got in science for my core at the end of year 10 which was a C as I put a lot of effort into it I got a A in chemistry B in physics C in biology and D in coursework which had dragged my overall grade down and I would really like to retake this since I want to take medicine when I am older and I will be putting in more effort this year for my additional science I was wondering if you could tell me if this grade I got would effect my A level options as I would like to pick biology and chemistry for A levels.

    It depends on the A-level supervisor, or your head of science. They decide. Ask them. Hi My daughter got her year 10 core science result and she got grade E. Will she be able retake this core science exam in year 11 again? In theory you can take any exam again, but it depends on whether the school will bother. And she will have forgotten some of it! Then she will have a good science grade, forgetting the core science, which should be fine if she want to take science further.

    Simple will-power might not be enough. Let me know if I can help with the learning skills. Hi I received my core science results and I was devestated when I saw a c as I want to study the following subjects for a levels however c is below their requirements. I was really upset ; I really wanted to do a levels as the university I want to go to only accepts a levels. But the last unit I got a d which brought my grade down.

    I was wondering if I can retake the unit b3 c3 p3 as I know I can achieve a b if not an a if I try harder because during the time I did the exam I was really stressed as I had exams following after one another but now I have learned from my mistakes and if it take even a year to retake I will as I want to study medicine. I asked my sixthform but they rejected me just for only one b in core science and recommended btec applied sciences as I have mentioned above the university only allows alevels but I did achieve a high b in additional which is harder than core in my opinion and I believe I have the ability to gain a b in the last unit.

    If not, then ask your local college. Hi, i am looking to undertake GCSE science as a private candidate. I cannot afford the fees currently charged by the colleges as a mature student so i was wondering if you could assist on which exam board would best suit an independent learner. Is AQA the only exam board to involve practical or do all exam boards require it? There are just two papers and so controlled assessments.