Doppelganger research paper

Apparently, he must have noticed the lottery ticket stub sticking out of my shirt pocket, because I heard a sound as if he grunted ironically. I liked his manner of speech. It reminded me of some characters in my novels: confident, ironic, and sane. Sometimes I tried to speak in that manner myself. You can call it intuition.

Kuriba Ryouko (Doppelganger)

In a couple of minutes he apologized, saying that he had to leave me for a while. No need to say that I never met him again. When I got off the train in Chicago, my first thought was to throw the ticket away. Why would I need it , I asked myself.

Doppelganger research paper

But then a crazy idea hit my head, and I filled the ticket exactly with the numbers dictated to me by the stranger. Then I did my business at the publishing house, received my honorarium for my last novel, and returned home. In a week, I checked the lottery ticket. Numbers 6, 29, 11, 7, 81, 77, and 10 were a complete match. I never told anyone about the stranger in that train: neither my wife, nor kids, or friends. In a month or so, I suddenly remembered where I met that guy: in one of my novels. Remember Me.

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