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The maximum possible score is a five; the lowest possible score is a zero. To earn the maximum score possible, consider the following steps for writing a DBQ essay response: 1. Pre-Writing 2.

Introduction 3. Body Paragraphs 4.

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Before actually writing the DBQ essay, one should analyze the task and organize the information that they wish to include in the essay response. The scoring rubric should also be read to ensure that the essay response meets all of the requirements necessary to earn the maximum score of five. First, carefully read the historical context and the task.

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Look for clues that will help identify which historical era s the DBQ is focusing on, and the information required to thoroughly address the task. Underline those sections of the historical context and task that you consider most important. Next, draw a table or box that can be used to organize information and help in writing the essay response. Creating a box-format or table outline can be used to organize an essay response to the sample DBQ.

Click on the image below to see what it might look like when filled in. The introduction to the essay response should communicate what it is that the essay will show or prove. Industrialization began in the s in Great Britain. Since that time, a variety of environmental problems have been documented throughout the world.

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This introduction is based partly on the historical context, but also declares what will be proven by the essay response. Each element of the task is addressed with specific information which will later be elaborated upon in the body paragraphs. Filling in the pre-writing table prior to writing the actual essay response has provided a wealth of information to use in the introduction.

NOTE : One should not simply copy the historical context or task; this is not a suitable introduction and will result in a lower overall essay score. The body paragraphs need to thoroughly address all elements of the task by utilizing information from at least four documents from Part A, incorporating outside information, and presenting everything in an organized manner.

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This is where the completion of a pre-writing table really pays off! If constructed and filled in properly, this table will form the basis of organizing the body paragraphs of the DBQ essay response. For example:. The colors above highlight the information about two different foreign policies to be utilized in the essay response.

One approach to writing this essay would be to compose two body paragraphs that discusses environmental problems and two additional body paragraphs explaining how nations are responding to these problems. Note that at least four documents are used in these body paragraphs.

Each time a document is used, it is highlighted in yellow. Documents are also identified by name as well as document number. In addition to these documents, a great deal of outside information is included in order to thoroughly address all aspects of the task. Each time outside information is used, it appears highlighted in green. In the years sin ce the Industrial Revolution began, the environment has been significantly altered as more nations industrialize and increase their manufacturing capacity to meet consumer demands.

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For example in according to World Watch , carbon dioxide emissions in developed nations reached three tons per person, while developing nations produced half a ton per person Document 2. T hese emissions can produce smog in concentrated areas, such as Mexico City, one of the most polluted cities in the world. Carbon dioxide can also form acid rain which can affect areas far removed from the source of the pollution. For example, pollution from areas of the United States has been carried into southeastern Canada causing acid rain which is detrimental to ecosystems and drinking water.

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Carbon dioxide has also been linked to global warming which can affect global weather patterns. The modern development of nuclear energy has also had an impact on the environment. In the s, a Soviet nuclear power-generating facility in Chernobyl had a meltdown. The first and most widespread of these reasons was the development of the suburbs. As masses of Southern blacks migrated northward to the big cities, more rich and middle-class families left to live in the suburbs t World War I had left a bitter taste in the mouths of many Americans; many believed that the U.

After the Great War, Americans were disappointed to realize that the war was Throughout the 17 and 18 centuries Americans developed a unique system of government with revolutionary ideals — never seen anywhere else before. Americans adopted representative governments with democratic principles that allowed each person to have a voice in the decisions about their countr Cities attracted a diverse population composed of hundreds of ethnicities from around the globe.

German and Scandinavian immigrants poured into America during the late 19 century, attracted by extravagant stories of the wonderful American lifestyle: three meals a day, freedom, and social equality. President Franklin D. President Abraham Lincoln was faced with a monumental challenge during his two terms as Commander-in-chief of the United States: reuniting the shattered halves of the Union. This was his sole purpose in fighting the Civil War—nothing more, nothing less. However, Lincoln was flexible enough to However, after being elected as President in , Jefferson altered his earlier philosophy of government.

Midwest farmers expressed further discontent with the U. During the Civil War, the U. The high taxes and t Even before the Civil War had concluded, Northern politicians were busy making Reconstruction plans for the Confederate States.

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Reconstruction—the process by which seceded states were to re-enter back into the Union—was a difficult process for the United States for two reasons. The American Revolution was an important event for the North American continent because it affected so many differing parties. The Patriots were the obvious winners in the Revolution; they gained The idea of Manifest Dest During the time period between and hundreds of settlers flocked to the Virginia colony seeking riches — only to find hardship, and no gold.