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Miss Julie Essay

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She tells him he is handsome — a Don Juan, perhaps, or a Joseph. Her coquetry arouses him. But when he attempts to kiss her, she slaps his ear. Her playful behavior — she is forward one moment, coy the next — is dangerous, he says. He is only a man. And what will people say? As he works on the count's boots, Jean again warns her about being seen with a servant. After Christine goes to bed, Miss Julie asks Jean whether he has ever been in love.

In fact, he says, he has been — with Miss Julie. Jean was the son of a farmer who worked for the owner of a nearby property.

To Be Female Means to Be Oppressed

That was the Garden of Eden, and many fierce angels were guarding it with flaming swords. Nevertheless, I and some other boys found our way to the Tree of Life. I caught sight of a pink dress and a pair of white stockings — that was you! The following Sunday, he says, he put on his best clothes and went to church just to see her there. Jean tells her they must not to see her with him.

Introduction & Overview of Miss Julie

She becomes slightly paranoid, believing Jean when he suggests that the servants know she and Jean were together. They discuss his hotel scheme animatedly until he discovers she cannot back their enterprise financially. He then says the plan is off. Miss Julie cries hysterically and says she cannot face those on the estate who know about their sexual encounter. They will tell the count. Take me out of the filth into which I am sinking! Save me! Jean says he feels sorry for her, but he also disavows his previous statements about loving her. They argue and insult each other, but Jean gets the better of her, telling her that he is the superior one and she the lowly menial.

She only wants to shield herself from disgrace, he says, by convincing herself that she loves him. However, he then speaks again of going away with her.

Miss Julie

I was dressed as a boy, and was taught how to handle a horse, but could have nothing to do with the cows. I had to groom and harness and go hunting on horseback. I was even forced to learn something about agriculture. Finally, her father asserted himself, Miss Julie says, and made everything conform to his wishes. Her mother then developed a mysterious illness, suffered convulsions, and exhibited odd behavior. All was lost. However, at the urging of her mother, her father borrowed money from a brick manufacturer and rebuilt the estate.

Secretly wealthy, she had invested the money with the manufacturer, who was also her secret lover. When he discovered her machinations, he made her life a living hell. How I regret! If at least you loved me. In response, Jean has another change of heart, refusing to abscond with her but instead advising her to leave the country by herself. She goes out to get traveling money and dress in the appropriate clothes.

It is now early morning. Christine enters the kitchen. She is dressed for church. She also reminds him that he agreed to go to church with her. Then she goes back to her room to fetch her Bible. Moments later, Miss Julie returns wearing traveling clothes and carrying a cage containing her pet finch, which she says she cannot leave behind. When she mentions that she obtained some money, Jean says he will go with her after all.

But they must leave immediately, before the count returns. However, Jean says, she must leave the finch behind. Miss Julie balks at this suggestion. Rather than abandon the poor bird, she says, she would rather have Jean kill it. With hesitation, Jean removes the bird from the cage, retrieves an axe from among the kitchen utensils, and unfeelingly kills it. The shock of this moment is too much for her.

You who can take the life of an innocent creature without turning a hair! Oh, I hate and despise you!

Miss Julie

There is blood between us! Cursed be the hour when I first met you! Christine enters and Jean goes to another room to shave. When Miss Julie asks Christine to help her — even come away with her to see the world — Christine is unmoved. When Jean tells Christine he is not going to church after all, she leaves. The count returns and enters through another part of the house. When he rings a bell connected to the kitchen, Jean responds by speaking into a tube. He receives orders to bring up coffee and his pair of boots. Jean says he does not know, then says, yes, he does know. Moments later, Miss Julie kills herself. The climax of a play or another narrative work, such as a short story or a novel, can be defined as 1 the turning point at which the conflict begins to resolve itself for better or worse, or as 2 the final and most exciting event in a series of events.

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The climax of Miss Julie occurs, according to the first definition, when Miss Julie accepts Jean's invitation to go to his room.